My Clients

Many of my clients have traded in their desire for career or children, are coming full-circle back to the sexual energy or eros they’ve always had but thought they needed to leave behind, want to discover their unique erotic signature, or have experienced trauma in their past and want to continue the healing after seeing therapists or using other healing modalities

There’s nothing I can say about this work that my clients haven’t said better, so I’ll share their words:

“Through my work with Nicole, I have begun the journey of healing my sexual past, as well as discovering my own unique sexual energy on a deeper level. Nicole has a gift for listening intently, making sure each and every word is heard. Each of our sessions left me feeling empowered and energized!  She does a wonderful job nurturing a safe and comfortable environment for growth and exploration of one’s most intimate desires.”

– Isabella

“I experienced massive revelations and considerable transformation in our sessions, particularly meeting my inner child for the first time. I found myself being more aware of my thoughts, feelings, how I hold these in my body. My work with Nicole helped me release things I am holding on to and evaluate my relationships and boundaries.”

– Carrie

“Through working with Nicole I realized that I don’t have to be invisible just because I’m in my fifties.  I can still be powerful, sexy, and take up space. I am different in the way I carry myself. I set boundaries now, and I ask for what I need most of the time. Nicole is a fearless and compassionate guide, she isn’t afraid to get in the dirt with you. She makes you feel safe talking about the most intimate topics. I never felt judged and always felt heard and treasured by her. Nicole is a true gem and I have learned so much about myself in my sessions with her. She was born to do this work.”      

– Gina

“Nicole’s genuine caring allowed me to open up about what I really want to create/shift in my life and relationships. I was able to access a deeper desire that I hold, one that feels authentic and inspiring. She has a skillful way of drawing me out, which is often hard to do. Nicole listened deeply and guided me in simple but transformative practices. I remember she invited me to try softening around my heart when my masculine feels it needs to take charge – and that simple suggestion has helped so much!”

– Timber

“I was able to reconnect to some areas of my body – movement, voice, and breath specifically – that I’d distanced myself from over the years. The breathwork and shadow work allowed me to see areas I had allowed to be stifled or quieted, and work towards reopening.”

– Noah