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We never know what will spark an eventual shift in us: perhaps seeing our own radiance through a self-love practice or (re-)discovering ancient tools for cosmic connection. And sometimes it comes in small, free packages! Enjoy these free resources and let me know if there’s something you’d like to see here. 

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The practices you'll receive:

Breast Massage (15 min audio)

This powerfully intimate audio practice will help you deepen your connection with your heart space, with love itself, and bring nourishment / blood flow to your breasts. Even one week of using this practice daily can bring a noticeable difference to the breasts – more plumpness, firmness, more radiance (yes, can begin to see your breasts as beautiful radiant spheres of love!).

Holistic Sex Tools (PDF)

There is no fast track or magic pill for deeper connection to your eros, your energy body, or your partner. But these eight tools come pretty close! Bring them in one at a time, into your self pleasuring practice, sex with a partner, or as standalone to help you deepen your connection with sensation in your body.