Hello you beautiful being

I’m Nicole Rae, an Embodiment and Sacred Sexuality guide helping women find more joy in the here and now, to reclaim their wildness and primal nature, and to return to sacred relationship with their body.

My 1:1 coaching work, deep learnings from spiritual and embodiment mentors, certification from the Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach (VITA) school, and the unwavering support of a partner who sees me have all led me here – and for that I am profoundly grateful.

But let me rewind a bit. Before my awakening as I call it into the transformative – the sacred – power of sexual energy, I was tapped out, bled dry, lost in the role of self-sacrificing mother. I’m sure you’ve met her (or have been her) – the one juggling too many things, rescuing everyone, wearing exhaustion like a badge of honor, and letting her sense of self slip away. I was entrenched in the traumas of my earlier life, but I just couldn’t see it.

Through all of the same tools I share with clients today, I began to retrieve one by one parts of myself I had lost to trauma – my sense of fun and flirtation, seeing myself as a sensual being, and using pleasure and passion as a guide.

My life’s work is to help women experience their own divinity, through deep connection to their erotic energy. But for many, the first step will be to move from endless anxiety loops and over-thinking into a more restful relationship with their mind and body, their inner landscape. It’s from here that their wisdom, fire, and purpose can emerge.

So, if you’re ready to shed some weight, reignite your eros, and dance with your divinity, I am here to guide you through this journey each step of the way.